First bill after changing service

Find out what all the different parts of your bill mean, and why it might be more than you expected.


Your first bill after changing your service

When you change your service to a different Virgin Media product, you might notice your bill is higher than you expected. It's just because this bill includes charges for your current services up until your new product was installed and then from that date you'll see monthly charges in advance for your new services.  This means that on your first bill you'll be charged for more than just 30 days.

For example:

Customer changes service and has new product installed on May 18th and this becomes the customers new billing cycle and the customer will be charged a month in advance

Previous billing cycle ran until May 10th

The customer owes for 7 days of service from their previous Virgin Media product between previous billing cycle and install of new product (May 11th – May 18th)

This charge for 7 days is added to the customer’s first bill after changing service

The customer’s next bill will revert back to the new product price.